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Airline Career Training (ACT)

Our new ACT course has been designed to meet an increasingly important need to ensure that newly qualified pilots are also trained in a number of key interpersonal skills previously considered outside the scope of traditional flight training courses.

The course enables greater awareness, development and practice of skills to better prepare graduates from both Modular and Integrated CPL/IR courses for the variety of airline application, employment and assessment scenarios.

The style and approach of our 3-day ACT course is highly practical and interactive in nature - developing positive attitudes and skills through a blend of presentations, trainee interaction and practical tasks combined with regular critical review from both trainers and trainees.

A unique element of the course is ‘scenario based’ in one of our flight simulators (A320 or B737), during which you will experience the chance to learn from various approaches adopted by airline pilot simulator assessors. Our courses are delivered and facilitated by highly experienced airline recruitment professionals, Ruth Spalding and Natalie Mitchell.



Airline Simulator Assessment Training (ASAT) Included

The primary objective from your attendance on any VA course is that you should develop your core skills and competencies – both technical and personal. Attending our ACT course will help develop the necessary personal skills to enable you to be better prepared for airline assessment and subsequent airline employment.

ASAT is also included (worth £690 inc VAT if bought separately) within our ACT course in the form of 2-hours of airline simulator assessment training (B737 or A320) with a VA instructor to support a future airline employment application. You may book and receive this training up to 1-year after ACT course graduation (terms & conditions apply).


Ruth Spalding

Ruth is an experienced HR specialist in the aviation industry, starting her career with the British Airports Authority. She joined easyJet in 2009 as Head of Volume Recruitment, managing teams responsible for sourcing pilots and cabin crew for the UK’s largest airline. Ruth now leads her own consultancy specialising in crew selection and recruitment with clients including: CityJet, Jet2 and Flybe. Ruth is qualified to British Psychological Standards and specialises in the effective use of psychometric profiling in pilot selection.


Natalie Mitchell

Natalie has over 14 years of recruitment experience across FTSE100 aviation companies. Her HR roles include working with some of Europe’s largest airlines and travel partners, including easyJet and SkyScanner. Her expertise of recruitment delivery, attraction strategies, and recruitment project implementation gives her a wealth of experience in supporting aspiring airline pilots towards achieving their flying employment success.


Pre-entry Requirements for ACT Enrollment

The core entry requirement for our ACT course is the prior completion of a Multi-crew Co-operation (MCC) training course at an Approved Training Organisation - with the MCC course completion certificate issued.

Example qualifying MCC courses are: APS MCC, MCC/JOC, MCC, AQC from either an Integrated or Modular course of professional pilot training.


Course Fees

£1,650* ex. VAT (£1,980 inc. VAT)

£1,500* ex. VAT (£1,800 inc. VAT) if purchased at the same time as a VA APS MCC course


VA Airline Placement Pool (APP)

Graduates who receive training and achieve pass certificates from BOTH the VA APS MCC and ACT courses may then be registered into the VA Airline Placement Pool for future recommendation to airline employers by VA.

If you have not yet completed any MCC training, you may book both a VA APS MCC and ACT course together – speak with one of our training advisers for more details on 01223 979737.

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